Saturday, January 02, 2016

Important 1 a.m. Questions

In Kill Bill Vol 1 why did the Bride, Uma Thurman’s character, have to buy an entire notebook to write down 5 names?  If it was me I would have just used a bar napkin. Then again why even write the names down?  She knows all of them is she likely to forget one?  “Hmmmm, who was it who killed my friends and unborn child on my wedding day and tried to kill me?  I just can’t remember their names.”

Another thing, what is up with Tarantino and Uma Thurman’s feet?  In 100 years when the Academy awards do a Tarantino retropsective is is just going to be hour after hour of lovingly produced closeups of Uma Thurmans feet?  Honestly dude, her feet aren’t that attractive. 

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