Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Years Resolutions

OK It's the last day of the year so it's time to set the resolution.  I already posted the first two on twitter -

1.  Get my CCNP Routing and Switching
2.  Finish my Masters Degree.


3.  Be a better father
4.  Obtain baby to be a better father to - is Silk Road still on line?
5.  Complete 1 book per week
6.  Buy crayons to complete 5.
7.  Attend Blackhat / Defcon or Cisco Live
8.  Sell liver to pay for Blackhat / Defcon or Cisco Live

Seriously other than the first two and #7 I don't have any big plans for the year.  Lots of small stuff but nothing earthshaking.  7 is looking iffier.  I want to go but the purpose of these things is professional networking but I don't have a professional network.  I am a grey man I know no one other than the guy who runs my network with me and no one knows me. (Professionally that is I do have a couple real life friends and the 7 voices in my head.  Yes, only 7 I killed one off by jamming a pencil in my ear)  If work was going to pay for either one it would be different but I get no training or professional conference budget.

Oh well I will just have to go to the beach instead.  Hopefully this year the Coast Guard won't try and tow me back out to sea.
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