Tuesday, December 22, 2015

CSI Cyber - The monster awakens

Yes I am still watching the worst drama currently on TV.  It's so bad I am addicted, but last night took the prize.

Newly crowned Deputy Director Avery Ryan, head of the FBI Cyber Crimes whatever (division / task force / cabal?) showed her true colors last night.  First while arresting a hacker who was stealing from a bank in the name of social justice she threatens to make him disappear so that no one will evr hear his name again.  I can only assume she meant to Gitmo or one of the secret FEMA camps located in Texas Walmart parking lots.  I am pretty sure that is kind of beyond her mandate.  Second one of her captive hackers is about to be paroled and makes it known she may seek work in the private sector.  Ryan then sets about to sabotage her parole effectively enslaving poor eclipse for another two hateful spite filled years.

Obviously this is what we can expect under Ryan's tenure, a life of misery and strife while she and her crony DB, (Ted Danson) who has no reason to be in the Cyber division sit around and drink Scotch on the taxpayer dime.
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