Saturday, November 14, 2015

This may well be the single stupidest statement I have ever read in a newspaper

and over the course of 50 some years I have read some doozies.  This statement is in regards to the film "The Hunting Ground", which I have not seen.  The film deals with the topic of college sexual assault by relating a number of cases and their outcomes.  The film has come under fire for it's inaccurate portrayal of (at least?) one of the central cases and it's handling of statistics / other documentary material used as a basis of the film:

Defenders of the film say the criticism from those faculty members, among them prominent black and feminist legal scholars, is misdirected and focused too much on the legal findings.
“The documentary has created an important conversation about campus sexual assault,” said Diane L. Rosenfeld, a Harvard law lecturer who also appears in the film and did not sign the letter. “We need to be rolling up our sleeves and really figuring out what kind of preventative education programs to develop which create a culture of sexual respect.”
What this says is innocence or guilt doesn't matter, truth doesn't matter, prevention doesn't matter.  What matters is process and "the conversation".  we're not really interested in actually solving a problem as long as we can use it to indoctrinate students in doubleplusgood  think.
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