Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Jessica Jones

Watched the first season of Jessica Jones.  While I am not completely disappointed it could have been much much better.

First problem, way too much variation from the source material.  I know they are trying to make the show fit within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that could have been done without the whole Rita Conner storyline.  The could have still had Jessica "captured" by the Purple Man while engaging as a superhero.  Also in the source material Kilgraeve never actually raped Jones (sorry semi-spoiler I guess) but actually what he does in the source material is far creepier because it is a mental rape.  (I say that as someone who has never been raped but it seems to me making you beg to be raped via mind control would be a far greater violation)

Second problem, the characters are inconsistent.  Luke Cage in my opinion forgives way to easily.  Jessica is way to self indulgent when she isn't being way to heroic.  Supporting characters are spotty.

Third problem, they don't handle the whole superhero supervillian thing well.  It's really kind of an afterthought and only used as kind of a deux ex machina thing.

STILL - I really liked the show.  I know that seems to contradict my opening but it doesn't.  The show could have been better but it was handled as well as any superhero show i have seen and I think fits well within the MCU, albeit on the outskirts.  I do hope the next season has a little more consistency but I will watch it.
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