Friday, November 27, 2015

Fitbit Update - Down 21 pounds

since 9/22/2015

Currently I am walking 5 to 6 miles per day, and lifting weights (dumbells) 3 times a week
Squats - 6x10
Shoulder Press 6x10
Curls 6x10
Bench Press 6x10
Bent Over Rows 6 x 10

Going for low weights high reps at this point because I am still trying to build some endurance.  Working up to 10x10 (adding 1 set per week).  Once I am there I am going to kick the weight up 5 pounds drop back to 5x10 and start working my way back up again, but this time I am going to alternate with days of heavier weights low reps to star adding some strength.

My goal is to be able to successfully complete the Marine Corps Combat Fitness Test by June

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