Monday, November 02, 2015

2 More Books to Review

I know I am slacking on the daily tech world updates - sorry about that, but then again you were warned.  When I am home I am extremely busy for the time being, no time to slog through 30 websites every morning.  I will try and get them started up again by the end of the month.  On the other hand I have the kindle app on my phone and I can listen to audible books while I am getting my daily exercise in, so I am catching up on some reading.

OK enough groveling for your forgiveness.

The Pulse -  This is the follow on to Marvel Comics Alias, the series that introduced Jessica Jones to the Marvel Universe.  I am just going to be blunt here.  Don't bother.  I see why the series was cancelled so soon.  The stories are weak.  Way way different from the noirish adult oriented stories seen in Alias.  It just isn't worth the effort.  (Plus the art work is horrible  When did it become fashionable to make your characters look like ugly blobs on the paper?)

Short review I know, but really wasn't a fan of the series although I still like the character and am looking forward to the Netflix series.

You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) - Felicia Day's ( +Felicia Day  ) memoir of growing up as an awkward kid to her fame as international star of stage and screen (or at least YouTube).

I admit I am a Felicia Day fan, not in the way a lot of guys are, in that she is their internet crush, although maybe a little of that too I mean she is cute, but in that I think Dr. Horrible and The Guild are two of the defining moments of internet based entertainment, plus she was a Vampire Slayer and in a Bring It On movie. I mean if that doesn't spell success and deservation (is that a word?) of admiration what does? Reading the book though you realize just how smart Day really is.

Kind of scary smart actually.

Although she plays herself off as a bit of an idiot you can tell that she really is pretty savvy and would have been successful no matter what field she pursued.  It is both humbling and irritating to those of us who really are idiots.  She is driving up expectations.

The book is quirky funny if you are into geek humor and the occasional fart joke (I am) and if you have a teenager who is going thru the "Oh God, I am a loser everyone hates me" phase I think I would recommend it.  I will be buying a copy for my nieces.  They could do a lot worse than to emulate Felicia.

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