Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Another stupid Navy story

Was just watching some comedy clips on You Tube and one of them the guy was talking about African-Americans talking during movies (actually he used different terms but you can figure it out) and that reminded me of another stupid story from my time in the Navy.

It's like late '91, I was stationed in Philadelphia and I hadn't gone to Antarctica yet.  I was dating a girl named Sondra who at that time was living in NYC so I had grabbed the train up there Friday after work and now was waiting for the train back.  For some reason it was delayed for a couple hours and to kill time I went back up to Times Square and went to see a movie at one of those shitty little theaters that were all over.  (No, they weren't all porn just 99.99999%)  

Anyway went to see Presidio with Mark Harmon and Sean Connery.  Right as the movie starts this African-American gentleman comes in, old army fatigues, backpack, 2 garbage bags full of whatever, makes a bunch of noise getting to his seat and then starts immediately talking in the loudest voice possible.

"Oh Yeah, San Francisco, City of my birth.  City I love.  blah blah blah"

Other people are talking too but this guy is by far the loudest and most annoying and he just keeps going on and on.  Finally after about 10 minutes this huge shadow stands up in the back of the theatre and says, "Yeah well New York is gonna be the city of your death, IF YOU DON"T SHUT THE F**K UP.

Instant silence.  From everyone.  I have no doubt that if one more word had been uttered before that movie was over blood would have flowed.

Just one of the stupid things you remember.
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