Monday, September 07, 2015

This explains so much about what is wrong with America

Blake Ross, a guy who knows a thing or two about startups (he founded Firefox and previously worked at Facebook and Netscape), took it more to heart.
Last night, Ross published an original screenplay of a new episode of the show on his site, saying in a Facebook post, “I couldn’t wait 8 more months for season 3 of Silicon Valley to start, so I spent the past 48 hours writing my own episode. It picks up where season 2 left off.”
OK, I am not a tech insider - I don't work in Silicon Valley and I am not part of the start up culture (although I have worked for 2 non-Silicon Valley start-ups) and I would never be considered a key player anywhere I work, I'm just a grinder,  but I have been around the edges enough to have seen a lot of the behavior that Silicon Valley chronicles.  This screenplay really skewers some of it, and if you really sit down and think about it it really chronicles where American business has gone wrong and where America is going wrong.

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