Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Stop! We have learned all we can from the anal probing - What I am reading 9/29/2015

Finally had an appointment with a gastroenterologist  yesterday and have scheduled my first ever screening colonoscopy.  


Also they called with my lab results apparently other than my blood pressure and being a huge fat f*ck I am still disgustingly healthy.  No diabetes which is always my big worry.  So yeah just the anal probing to go.

What I am reading -

Wired - This Water on Mars News Kinda Throws Off The Martian’s Plot -

Not really. Today’s news still doesn’t indicate that Mars has enough water for modern farming. 
Yeah, so thank God for that.  Can you imagine if it had turned out that Mars was really a lush tropical paradise?

The InterceptThe Big Secret That Makes the FBI’s Anti-Encryption Campaign a Big Lie -

To hear FBI Director James Comey tell it, strong encryption stops law enforcement dead in its tracks by letting terrorists, kidnappers and rapists communicate in complete secrecy.
But that’s just not true.
In the rare cases in which an investigation may initially appear to be blocked by encryption — and so far, the FBI has yet to identify a single one — the government has a Plan B: it’s called hacking.

I can name one - Snowden.  Supposedly they still can't unencrypt that drive they took from Greenwald's boyfriend / husband (I don't know if they are married or not).  But, Other than that does this really surprise anyone?  Of course the FBI hacks to intercept data, just like they wiretap.  

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