Wednesday, August 05, 2015

VMWare Install Configure etc. etc. - also Dungeons and Dragons gets a film franchise

I have been thinking about getting my VMware Certified Professional Certification for awhile now, but haven't really done anything about it because frankly it is a giant pain in the butt.  Unlike most certs the good people at VMware require that you go thru an approved training course before you can take the exam.  

Finding a course can be problematic...

AND, if you do find a course it can be expensive as hell.  

Fortunately I stumbled across a link to the Continuing Ed course at Stanly Community College in North Carolina.  It's an approved VMware academy,  it's a distance learning course, and it is affordable at $185.00 plus a $46.00 book.  Pretty reasonable.  The only drawback is there is a waiting list.  Fortunately I put my name on the list back in April and got accepted for the August season.  So that will be going on for awhile. 

Other stuff

So you finally installed Windows 10 and joined the ranks of the other 67 million users. You open your browser to search for a place to grab lunch, and Bing already knows your location. You notice that all the banner ads are geared toward your secret knitting hobby. And when you open Cortana to ask what’s going on, she knows your name and the embarrassing nickname your mother calls you.
This may seems like a stretch, but you’d be surprised by the amount of personal information Windows 10 collects from its users

Warner Bros. and toy maker Hasbro’s Allspark Pictures said Monday that they are working with Sweetpea Entertainment Inc. to create a franchise based on the fantasy game. The first movie in the prospective franchise doesn’t have a director yet, but a script, written by David Leslie Johnson (“The Conjuring 2″), is already in place.
Bring Back Thora Birch!!!
Cyber criminals are targeting Yahoo's advertising networks in an orchestrated malware campaign putting millions of people at risk.
Security firm Malwarebytes, which discovered the campaign, reported that hackers used the sophisticated Angler exploit to infect victims through the Yahoo suite of websites.
And by hackers we of course mean Marissa Mayers, as she attempts to extend he evil dominion throughout the cyber realms (just kidding - don't sue, I actually love Marissa Mayers even though she doesn't follow me on twitter, facebook, or Google+)

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