Saturday, August 22, 2015

Putting the band back together

In high school I belonged to two main groups - ROTC and a bunch of D&D playing nerds.  The ROTC crowd had a reunion a couple years ago and since then I have been thinking it would be cool to get the D&D types back together too.  Myself and a couple other guys have discussed meetups a couple times, usually centered around a comic-con or something, but it hasn't worked out so I am thinking maybe it is time to try again.

Here are the people I remember from our core group

Chris Stoddard
Bruce Evans
Jerry Whitney
Ed Badura
Mike Barrett
Thor Shenkel
Karl Clark
Wade Byrd
Leigh Sampson
Chris Olson
Darren Carter

Chris and Bruce could probably supply some other names.  I know that there were more people floating in and out of the game all time.  Of that group there are two or three that would probably have to be struck for personal conflict reasons.

So that's the who.  The next question is the where and when?

I tend to think early summer would be best (late June, early July).  The obvious answer for where is Billings, but I and at least a couple others probably want to stay away from there.  I love the beach so my next default is LA / SoCal (actually I would prefer the Oceanside / Carlsbad area) but I am absolutely sure that I would be the only taker on that one.  Two of us live in the Pacific Northwest and others are close (Utah / Montana) so Seattle or Portland would be a good bet.  We want some sort of Geekdom and there is Rose City Comic Con in Sept. usually.

So Portland - Mid September anyone?

The other option is meeting up in Vegas during Blackhat / Defcon which I swear I am going to next year.

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