Thursday, August 27, 2015

I'm not reading anything today

Not that you bastards care.  :-P

OK that's not quite true I did read one article on VMWorld, which sounds about as fun as being anally violated with a rusty chainsaw.  This is the one time I am glad my contracting company doesn't pay for conferences.

I am also reading the first module for the VMWare class I am taking online.  Which is why you will not have my sparkling repartee surrounding the events of the morning today.

One other thing - I finished A Planet for Rent last night.  Interesting book.  Definitely a product of another time and place but still kind of fun to read.  Reminded me a lot of The Book of Chamelons.  Not in subject so much but in that tropical hispanic / latino / colonial cultural feel (says the guy with no insight to Hispanic / Latino / Cuban / Angolan culture).  Anyway if you are looking for a change up I would recommend it - EVEN THOUGH my recommendation will mean nothing because no one ever reads them.  Just saying  :-)
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