Friday, August 14, 2015

Cybersecurity for dummies, sorry I mean Presidential candidates - What I am reading 8/14/2015

Wired - Let’s School the Presidential Hopefuls on Cybersecurity -

In the build up to the 2016 US election, both Democratic and Republican presidential hopefuls are talking about cybersecurity—and specifically state-sponsored hacks. Cybersecurity is the hot-button national security issue on the campaign trail. 
As these discussions heat up, it’s more important than ever that mainstream politicians actually understand what they’re talking about. Here is a quick primer on what anyone running in the US Presidency race really should know when it comes to cybersecurity...
Infosec Institute - How to Fix the Top Five Cyber Security Vulnerabilities -

Data breaches like the one affecting the Federal Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and the numerous cyber-attacks targeting US infrastructure and government offices raise the discussion of the potential catastrophic damage caused by the exploitation of cyber security vulnerabilities.
Let’s examine in detail the top five cyber security vulnerabilities that we have identified to provide a few suggestions to mitigate the risk for a cyber-attack.
This is a follow-up to a previous article identifying what the author considers the top 5 security vulnerabilities.  While some of the solutions are out of the reach of the average user number 5 definitely contains some hints on securing your system - essentially keep your software updated, and change default settings. 

Cisco - A Global Cybergovernance Framework: The Real Infrastructure Needed to Support a More Secure Internet -

As part of a broader “Cybersecurity Call to Action” outlined in the Cisco 2015 Midyear Security Report, Cisco has called for the development of a cohesive, multi-stakeholder, global cybergovernance framework. Investing in the development of such a framework is essential to supporting innovation and economic growth in business on the global stage.
While there has been an increasing awareness that managing cyber risks is essential to the operation of any networked system, current mechanisms are not effective to protect businesses from cyberattacks. The lack of effective global cybergovernance can prevent collaboration in the security industry, which is needed to create adaptive technologies that can detect and prevent new threats.
Yeah, no!  This is a horrible idea, in any global governance scheme things always devolve down to the worst possible solution so basically we would all end up with China or Saudi Arabia, or Iran's rules for internet access or use.  No thanks.

Medium - What Strippers Can Teach Uber -
Liss-Riordan argues that, actually, the on-demand companies aren’t disrupting much at all: In fact, they’re just copying the behavior of other industries — ones that she has continually sued over this very issue, and beat time and time again. Including strip clubs.
Interesting read.  I don't have anything against an on demand economy - I do have a great deal against the way companies like Uber operate.  If the contractors are actually contractors then treat them that way, if they are employess then abide by the employment laws and regulations.

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