Friday, July 24, 2015

On @aceofspadeshg #cuckservative post

Post is here  I am going to agree with Gabe and Ace, I am suddenly seeing a lot of racially motivated posts from people who I wouldn't have expected it from.  Not just anti-immigrant but flat out white supremacist, and not just on twitter - much more on facebook.  I haven't seen the #cuckservative hashtag but I haven't been looking and honestly once you display that attitude I block you so I probably wouldn't see it.

I may not be the most racially correct person in the world, I may use the wrong terms or inadvertently give offense, or honestly I may just disagree with a particular premise, but I do believe in the innate equality of all people.

On the same note I am a supporter of immigration, but that doesn't mean I support unrestricted immigration, or that I support H1-Bs (I don't because of the way employers abuse them) or illegal immigration (I don't for a number of reasons, among them the damage it does to the labor market for people on the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum, the leverage it gives employers over all employees, and the lack of assimilation into the culture as a whole), but in general I believe in the promise of America and I believe it is something that should be shared so yeah I support immigration.

OK I have rambled around the point - Yes I think Ace and gabe have identified a trend. It is an ugly one.  I think it needs to be confronted and stamped out now.

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