Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Today's Reading 6/10/2015

Ars Technica - EPA’s draft of four-year fracking study finds no inherent water risks -
The report is a useful summary of the practices being employed in fracking and the available data relating to concerns about contamination. The focus is on contamination of surface water and groundwater—the report doesn’t extend to questions about earthquakes triggered by the injection of used fracking fluid in deep disposal wells, local air quality concerns, or the effects of things like the mining of sand that is added to fracking fluid to prop open fractures.
About what I expected.  Just fracking in and of it self does not mean that there will be contamination of Surface or groundwater but if companies don't follow best practices there is a potential issue.

SlashdotWhite House Asks FISA Court To Ignore 2nd Circuit's Decision On Bulk Surveillance -

The legal request, filed nearly four hours after Barack Obama vowed to sign a new law banning precisely the bulk collection he asks the secret court to approve, also suggests that the administration may not necessarily comply with any potential court order demanding that the collection stop.
the unique nature of the Fisa court – whose rulings practically never became public before whistleblower Edward Snowden’s revelations – has left ambiguous which public court precedents it is obliged to follow.
“While the Fisa court isn’t formally bound by the second circuit’s ruling, it will certainly have to grapple with the second circuit’s interpretation of the ‘relevance’ requirement.

I expected this.  In this case I expect the NSA to lose.

Slashdot - Ex-CIA Director: We're Not Doing Nearly Enough To Protect Against the EMP Threat -

While the assertion here is probably true look and the source and consider the context before getting hugely bent out of shape.

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