Tuesday, June 02, 2015

More thoughts on Mr. Robot (minor spoilers)

Last night I posted about USA Network's new show Mr. Robot thinking about it a little more I have some thoughts:

1.  We know that Elliot (protagonist) has some sort of mental issue.  So this entire thing is going to be in his mind.

1.1 - He works for a company he hates but can't relate how he feels to anyone

1.1.1  Tyrell (corporate tech bad guy) is his internal manifestation of himself working as a corporate drone.

1.2  He has a great deal of sympathy for the Occupy movement

1.2.1 Mr. Robot (ant-corporate anarchist guy played by Christian Slater) is his internal manifestation of that aspect of his personality.

2.  His goal is to destroy the financial system to eliminate the 1%.

2.1 The show takes place after the events have already happened.

2.2 The reason he is self-conscious about recording his thoughts and about giving the program he is talking to a name is because it is actually a recorder at the police station.

3.  All of these actions stem out of severe childhood abuse

3.1 We have seen his mom abusing him

3.2 He is in court ordered therapy

3.3 As mentioned above he has some mental issues that would be consistent with abuse

3.4 The Mr. Robot character talks about his father being a thief and how he had respected him until he died.  This is a reflection on how Elliot felt

3.4.1 My bet is Elliot's dad was a Bernie Maddoff type who got caught and committed suicide.

3.5 I think this is further bolstered by the fact his friend Angela appears really surprised by the neighborhood he lives in.  Commenting on how dangerous it is.  They are childhood friends so she should have a notion of the "proper" neighborhood for him. People also treat him with kid gloves constantly.  Like they are afraid of breaking him.

Basically this will be a twist on the Fight Club / Beautiful Mind scanarios.  Everything is happening in his head while he is out doing some messed up shit.

Oh his fixation on his therapist will play in here too.

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