Saturday, May 30, 2015

Next Gen Network Technology Skills

I am starting an IT Risk Management Class on Monday (don't ask me why, I guess I am just a glutton for punishment).  So today I am sitting around youtubing a couple videos on the subject and that gets me thinking - "Is this worth doing?".

Short answer - probably.  Part of risk management is identifying and mitigating risks, another part is ensuring compliance with various laws and regulations.  Neither of those issues is going to go away soon. But...

That also got me thinking - what else do I need to be looking at?  That reminded me of this article. Basically the author identifies the 5 skills he thinks are going to be in demand going forward:

1.  Software - including configuration management, version control, devops, and coding.  This is my weakest area by far.  I really dislike coding, and most of the associated framework.

2.  Linux - I have a pretty solid intermediate level knowledge of Linux.  I could definately improve, but generally I can accomplish what I want with it.

3.  Deep Protocol Knowledge - really knowing how a protocol like BGP works across different platforms.  I am going to punt on this one becuase I dont feel competent to assess myself.  I have pretty wide knowledge base but I am never sure of how deep the knowledge is until I have to use it.

4.  Hypervisor and Container Networking - I feel pretty comfortable with virtualization.  We use it at work and so I work with it everyday.  Containers are new to me but I understand the basic concepts so I am giving myself a solid C+ here.

5.  IPv6 - I don't know of any organization using IPv6 or planning a migration to IPv6.  I know they are out there but I am not sure this is as important as the author makes it out to be at the moment.

Anyway just a couple quick thoughts and a quick filler post :-)
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