Saturday, April 18, 2015

This is why McDonalds, Wendy's, and In and Out are secretly bankrolling the $15 minimum wage movement (IMO)

Hamburger-making machine churns out custom burgers at industrial speeds

According to Momentum Machines, making burgers costs US$9 billion a year in wages in the United States alone. The company points out that a machine that could make burgers with minimum human intervention would not only provide huge savings in labor costs, but would also reduce preparation space with a burger kitchen replaced by a much smaller and cheaper stainless-steel box.
Lower labor costs, less real estate required, what's not for a burger tycoon to love?  The only problem would be backlash when you start laying of the workers.


What if the workers were making themselves into a giant pain in the ass?  Walking off the job, demanding unreasonable wages. People might complain for a little while but pretty quickly they would be like, "Well they had to do it.  They weren't making any money."


I know what you're saying now - but places like Seattle have raised the minimum wage to $15/Hr and there hasn't been any real backlash and people seem to be supporting the workers.

To that I say - Yet.  Big Hamburger just hasn't moved to their endgame right now they are just quitely funding the movement and encouraging service disruptions and nationwide strikes.  That will change.
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