Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Global Warming Helped Cause The Syrian Civil War. And Here I Thought It Was All Bush's Fault - What I am reading 3/3/2015

Boing Boing - Hillary Clinton exclusively used private email while secretary of state -
Open government advocates blasted the Bush administration for using off-the-books email accounts to conduct official business, so it's only fair Hillary Clinton today finds herself in deep shit after the revelation she exclusively used a private email account while serving as secretary of state.
Predictably the same group that wanted Karl Rove staked out on an anthill for using private e-mail accounts are perfectly willing to give Clinton a pass.
I wonder if this is just one of those cases where someone stubbornly clings to the email address they've been using since they first went online even when their employer tries to get them to use a new one.

My guess is "hillaryrodham@aol.com".
Context - Thanks for the Memories: Identifying Malware from a Memory Capture -
In this blog post we lay out a real-life examination of computer memory which enabled us to identify a keylogger that was running, what files were responsible for running it, and how it managed to ensure it was started every time the machine booted up. Not only did this provide us with previously unknown indicators of compromise, but also specific details with which we could assist the client in their remediation efforts.
Very interesting process and a little scary considering how easy they make this seem. If they can do this with Malware they can do it to find anything.

The Verge - The Breakfast Club gets a remastered theatrical release for its 30th birthday -
The Breakfast Club is getting restored and remastered, marking 30 years since the John Hughes classic put five very different high school archetypes — a brain, a beauty, a jock, a rebel and a recluse — in detention to teach them about friendship and other feelings.
Bleh, I can't think of a John Hughes film I like less than this one.  They should have redone Sixteen Candles.

Wired - How Global Warming Helped Cause the Syrian War -
The drought didn’t cause the violence—it just made Syria susceptible. But what’s more important here is that the drought, Kelley found, was severe likely because of human-caused global warming. It’s behind the drop in precipitation researchers have seen since 1930, the beginning of the data record.
Global warming is also responsible for the small size of your penis and male pattern baldness.  Just saying...

Finally - This may well be the worst song I have ever encountered.  The video is pretty bad too -

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