Saturday, October 04, 2014

Installing Windows 10 - some impressions

So I installed Windows 10, in an Oracle Virtual Box VM, this morning.  In general the install itself was pretty easy - same hardware requirements as Windows 7 and Windows 8, Basically two clicks to start the process, realtively fast.  I do have a couple concerns:

1.  In the terms of service you basically agree to allow Microsoft to track all your activity on the Windows 10 system.  I installed in a VM so it's sandboxed so I don't care that much (If I like it I will pick up a cheap laptop on put it on there).  Reading the terms of service this appears to be a Technical Preview thing.

2.  When you are installing it asks you if you want to use Express Settings.  By default allow tracking your location.  This appears to be an intended normal windows setting.  This is a little more concerning because it looks like they intend to allow this to go into the finished product.

3.  You still use the Microsoft ID to log in.  Again if you are a big privacy guy you are probably concerned about this.

4.  Again this is a little concerning on the privacy front - As you are setting up Microsoft helpfully asks you what settings you want to apply to this system and lists all of your Windows 8 devices and the last time the settings were saved. (the options to turn off the settings back up is on the next screen)

5.  One Drive appears to be more tightly integrated than ever.

6.  Even though I selected set up as new PC it still imported my Apps and my Desktop background.

Anyway here is a quick visual - nothing special just to prove I did it:

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