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We are not safe (at least cyberwise) and Amazingly shale oil saves money - My Reading List 9/15/2014

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Dawn via InstapunditRotherham lessons -

But sexist attitudes do play a large role in this shameful episode and others like it. We carry prejudices against white women and their ‘availability’ with us when we immigrate, and they become even more amplified when we feel threatened by the pervading culture of the place we have settled in, and we want to draw in and protect ourselves from change and assimilation. If white women are ‘easy’, then vulnerable white girls, who are in care homes or runaways, are the ‘easiest’ of all.
Beyond the paradigm of race, Pakistan has deeply ingrained attitudes that see all girls and women as inferior to boys and men, which is why ill treatment of women and girls happens in the first place. The World Economic Forum recently named Pakistan the second worst country in the world for equal opportunities for women. If we consistently fail to value girls and women, not just in theory but also in practice, we will ensure that girls continue to face abuse in our communities at home and abroad.
If you aren't aware of the current scandal in Rotherham, in which it is believed that up to 1400 girls were abused by, mainly, Pakistani men over the course of almost 20 years Google it.  It's disgusting and somewhat terrifying.  You have to give this woman credit for writing what she did given that Pakistani journalists who anger the power structure tend to end up dead.

There have been no less than 11 federal judicial rulings striking down patents as "abstract" since the US Supreme Court's June 26 decision in Alice v. CLS Bank.
It's a high number. The case was recognized as a big decision by commentators when it came, and what's happened since suggests the ramifications may be broader than first thought. 

The second link is a list of the invalidated patents.

What's to say?

In testimony before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, several experts provided disheartening answers to questions about cyber security. 
[Editor's Note (Murray): I listened to much of the testimony. Rather than "disheartening," I found it balanced and reassuring. I had expected it to be alarmist but did not find it so. ]

Read the article, it's one paragraph ya lazy SOB

Now we have an estimate of where oil prices might have been absent the American oil boom—a sobering $150 a barrel, former BP CEO Tony Hayward told the Financial Times (paywall).
That’s 55% higher than the current benchmark price of $96.27 that was trading in Asia this morning. If Hayward’s number is right, it means that the US boom is saving the global economy about $4.9 billion a day in oil spending. Global consumers currently demand about 92 million barrels of oil a day, and without the extra US supply the market would be about 3 million barrels short, sufficient to send traders into a frenzy bidding up the price.
But a way will still be found to claim that shale oil is not economically feasible and should be shut down.

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