Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Readjing List 9/11/2014 - In which I proclaim myself SoooopaGenius

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#FeynmanLectureChallenge Day 9 -
Before Newton’s time, the motions of things like the planets were a mystery, but after Newton there was complete understanding. Even the slight deviations from Kepler’s laws, due to the perturbations of the planets, were computable.
Ars Technica - iPwned: How easy is it to mine Apple services, devices for data? -
As things stand right now, a determined attacker will still find plenty of ways to get to iPhone data. They need to gain physical access to the device, or harvest or crack credentials to do so. But there are ways to do this that won't alert the victim. The weakest links are components of the iCloud service.
TL/DR: It's not easy-peezy but it's also not super-hard.  Again, it's the cloud be careful what you store there.

Ars Technica - Are the FBI and “weev” both hackers? FBI's conduct to find Silk Road servers was similar to "weev's" criminal hacking. -

Kerr sums up the Justice Department's position and his own argument:
"In Auernheimer, DOJ argued that data on a webserver was protected by law if an ordinary user could not find it. In the Silk Road case, DOJ argues that data on a webserver is unprotected by law if the system administrator configured the network incompetently so that an FBI expert could find the data. It sounds like there’s some significant tension between the government’s position in the two cases," he wrote. "Granted, the CFAA and the Fourth Amendment are not the same thing. Further, the CFAA has an exception for 'lawfully authorized investigative... activity of a law enforcement agency of the United States,' although the Silk Road brief does not rely on it. But there’s an interesting tension there. Perhaps the difference just reflects the different positions of two different prosecutors or two different offices litigating the two different cases. Or, more cynically, maybe it’s just natural to view the lawfulness of conduct differently when prosecuting versus defending it.

Remember you heard it here first.  Just call me a supergenius.

Endgadget - Skype on Windows Phone now lets you share where you are -

Great, because what I need is yet another way for people to find out where I am.

NYTimes - The City Remembers -

13 years since the 9/11 attacks and I have the feeling that a feckless foreign policy has us on the route to another one.

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