Friday, September 05, 2014

My Reading List 9/5/2014 - WHO AM I (mo that's not a question) AND It's Reagan's Fault


#FeynmanLectureChallenge Day 5 -
The study of motion, which is basic to all of physics, treats with the questions: where? and when?
Valleywag - How Apple Owns the Media -
Almost everything you read about a new Apple product in mainstream websites and newspapers is engineered by Apple itself, part of a large, ever-churning strategy to create hype and in turn drive sales. By treating itself like a mix between the Gestapo and DARPA, Apple's vise-grip on information makes any details a golden commodity. Apple scoops are the most coveted among tech and business journalists. An email from Apple is a favor from Apple. A story from Apple is a great day. You're lucky to be invited. Apple knows this—so much so, Gurman says, that it can play publications off one another like jealous suitors:
And, so the legend goes, if you are the least bit critical you will never be invited to another Apple event again.  Since this is people's livelihoods not surprising that very little critical press is seen.

The Verge - 'Who Am I' is what 'Hackers' would look like as a gritty European thriller -

Re/Code - Tech Giants Appeal Rejection of $325 Million Hiring Settlement -

Four technology companies including Apple and Google blasted a U.S. judge for rejecting a proposed $324.5 million settlement over hiring practices in Silicon Valley and asked an appeals court to intervene, according to a court filing.
Plaintiff attorneys argued Koh should approve the deal because the workers faced the risk of losing the case in an appeal.

Because despite the years of screwing their employees over, they really really care.

Medium - The Cruiser USS ‘Cowpens’ Is Cursed -

Look, this is nothing against LCDR Savage personally, even though she screwed up big time by going a long with the wacko COs let me just lay in my cabin plan, but when the acting XO of the ship has a porn name - probably a hint you should run.  That would be true if it were LCDR Roger Strongcock too.  Just doesn't bode well.

Washington Post - I understand why Westerners are joining jihadi movements like ISIS. I was almost one of them. -
It wasn’t a verse I’d read in our Qur’an study circles that made me want to fight, but rather my American values. I had grown up in the Reagan ’80s. I learned from G.I. Joe cartoons to (in the words of the theme song) “fight for freedom, wherever there’s trouble.” I assumed that individuals had the right — and the duty — to intervene anywhere on the planet where they perceived threats to freedom, justice and equality.
And as everyone knows the best way to "fight for freedom, wherever there's trouble" is to become a firebombing religious terrorist.

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