Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Reading List 8/20/2014 - Kevin Mitnick Can Steal Your Identity In 3 Minutes

Forbes - Renowned Security Expert Kevin Mitnick Can Steal Your Identity In Three Minutes -
At DEF CON 2014, Mitnick prompted the audience for a volunteer. A few hands shot up, but quickly went down when he explained the rules of the game: He would spend three minutes searching for all of the volunteer’s private information, while projecting the process onto a screen for everyone to see. A brave conference attendee got up and stated his name.
In three minutes Mitnick had Name, SSN, Address, and Credit History of the volunteer.  Pretty scary.
Volokh - Another way of thinking about the problems with the Rick Perry indictment -
 the office of Governor comes with no such clearly established rules about when to veto and when not to veto laws, and what constitutes the faithful execution of gubernatorial duties is famously controversial. When an interpretation of a law raises serious constitutional objections (including overbreadth and vagueness objections), courts rightly view that as a reason to construe it narrowly to avoid such constitutional problems, not to stretch it to rush headlong into such problems. There is no need to apply § 39.02 in situations where the only alleged “misuse” of property is an ill-defined violation of the duty to faithfully execute the laws, or to preserve, protect, and defend them — and no constitutional justification for so applying it.
Let's be honest, this indictment is retarded, but it shows Texas politicians that if you anger the Austin DA you will be charged with a felony.  I guess if you are trying to establish political dominance.  (Honestly this indictment is as retarded as all the idiots calling for the impeachment of Obama for whatever the outrageous outrage of the day is.)

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