Monday, July 21, 2014

What I am reading 7/21/2014

Ars Technica - Growth factor restores insulin response in diabetic mice -
 working with mice, researchers have found that a well-known growth factor also restores the body's sensitivity to insulin and does so without any of the side effects associated with existing drugs. And they show that a modified form of the growth factor can still work effectively while reducing the risk of unforeseen consequences. This doesn't mean that using this method as a treatment will be free of side effects, but it does provide a promising avenue for further experiments.
Suck it PETA.

Endgadget - Search engine turns the tables on hackers by exposing their info -
Want to see a textbook definition of irony? Look no further than Indexeus, a search engine that primarily exposes the info of malicious hackers caught up in the very sort of data breaches that they inflict on others. As it was originally structured, people had to "donate" $1 for every record they wanted to purge from the engine's index; in other words, they had to pay to avoid the wrath of their fellow thieves.  
Can you imagine the hell this site must go through on a daily basis?

Gizmodo - Watch NASA's Full TV Broadcast of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing Right Here

What can you say, it's history and it's interesting.

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