Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What I am reading 7/17/2014 - The Tenth Amendment to the Constitution Forbids You Having High Speed Internet

Boing Boing - Car Hacker's Handbook -

Because any book that has a chapter starting with the word "Weaponize" has to be worth reading.  Right?

Ars Technica - Congresswoman defends “states’ rights” to protect ISPs from muni competition -

US Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) wants to make sure the Federal Communications Commission never interferes with "states' rights" to protect private Internet service providers from having to compete against municipal broadband networks.
Yesterday, she proposed an amendment to a general government appropriations bill that would prohibit taxpayer funds from being used by the FCC to preempt state laws governing municipal broadband.

As a Republican I would like to tel Representative Blackburn to kindly Fuck Off.

Bloomberg - We Don't Need a Corporate Income Tax -
while I don’t agree that we need to make corporations pay their “fair share,” I do agree that jettisoning the corporate income tax would be expensive. So here’s my proposal: Eliminate the corporate income tax and take the money from people. That’s what you’re doing anyway, so do it in a simpler, fairer and more progressive way, by raising income taxes on the wealthy and taxing capital income (dividends plus capital gains) more like ordinary income. And stop wasting everyone’s time and money on this insane, unwinnable chess game.
This seems like a sure fire way to kill the economy to me and usually I would expect better from McCardle, but maybe I am missing something.

National Defense Magazine - Cyber Labor Shortage Not What it Seems, Experts Say -

“There is no shortage of people who can talk and write about cyber security,” he said in an interview. “The shortage is in the people who actually have the hands-on skills to quickly find the infections, get rid of them and do good incident handling. Those skills are very rare.”
U.S. universities are cranking out plenty of graduates with cyber security related degrees, but they have mostly studied policy, he said. Many of those graduates aren’t getting good jobs. Faculty members don’t have real-world skills, so they are not teaching how to perform complicated tasks such as application penetration testing, advanced memory forensics or wireless hacker exploit development.
Are they saying that layers and layers of administrators don't exponentially increase value in every endeavor?  If so, I find that hard to believe.

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