Friday, July 18, 2014

On Marvel Comics...

Over the last couple of days Marvel Comics has announced some fairly major changes to their line-up to the consternation of many (see #MarvelDiversity ). This evening I was online with some friends and we were discussing the changes a little bit and afterwards I decided to share my take on this with the rest of the universe - because as we all know my views are the only ones that matter.

 "OK Chad", you ask, "What are your thoughts?" (I know you didn't but in my fantasy world not only are you waiting with baited breath, but you are an extremely good looking blonde, who is actively swooning at the thought of me sharing my wisdom)

 Basically, who cares? At least in regards to Thor and Captain America. Both changes fit easily into the already established continuity. The wielder of Mjolnir is whoever is judged worthy and that person is imbued with Thor's power. As far as I know Marvel has never said that worthy is spelled P-E-N-I-S so I see no reason a woman can't be the hammer bearer. Captain America is much the same case, Steve Rogers isn't Captain America because of the super-soldier serum. That was just a tool. He is Captain America because of his belief in America,and his sense of justice etc. It doesn't matter who is wearing the uniform and carrying the shield as long as they hold those convictions are are a decent person.

 Iron Man is a different story - Being a dickish millionaire industrialist is centrally tied to the character, you can't change that and still have Iron Man work. He cannot be some Silicon Valley App Developer it just doesn't fit the character. I mean if you read Pando Daily or Valleywag you'd probably agree that the dick part does, but the rest just won't work.

 So there you go, anyone who feels humbled by my genius [crickets chirp loudly} can feel free to send money (or beer or PAID FOR piizas). Anyone who doesn't (everyone in the world) just feel glad that this isn't a subscription site and you didn't pay for this tripe.
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