Saturday, July 26, 2014

Coming up on 10 years of blogging... a reflection

Still have (literally) two readers #futility

Not really, I mean I am of slightly less than average intelligence, for a retarded ape that is, but even I can see that I am never going to be a blogging superstar.  I only keep at it because I enjoy it.  #becauseitfeelsgoodwhenIstopbangingmyheadagainstthewall

Seriously I do enjoy it and while I haven't been especially successful in this endeavor I have had moments - I have been linked twice by Instapundit, a few times by Ace of Spades (where I have also guest blogged a few times), some Rule 5 links by The Other McCain and I have been linked in the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post (at least the online editions). #braggingfornogoodreason

I have also been able to associate with other bloggers such as the guys at  Independent Sources (site is down) where we engaged in a couple epic battles with 9/11 Truthers and the group at DoublePlusUndead where we just mainly engaged in fun kind of over the top stuff. Also I was able to engage  in some email exchanges with Tom Kratman  and Dr. Jerry Pournelle that wouldn't have happened if I hadn't publsished something silly here. Always nice to be able to debate with the smart people. #namedropping

Other items of note - I believe I am still the go to site for Jana Defi pictures and Anna Semenovich videos and my proposal for modeling Ron Paul's Economic Theories occasionally pops up on the internet, usually as a case study in stupidity but still it's an achievement. #successisrelative

So why am I bringing this up - There are a couple reasons:

1.  It's been 10 years and that is an accomplishment.  I may not have any readers but I have staying power.
2.  It appears that Chris over at Carnifex may be hanging up his hat.  I think he started blogging around the same time I did so it got me thinking; Do I want to call it quits?  You guys couldn't get so lucky. I am having too much fun and if I wasn't here who would subject you (both of you) to Russian pop music videos and inane political commentary? #Heretostay

*Note - This blog only goes back to November 2004, thats because I initially started on another platform that immediately collapsed so I had to start all over :-(
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