Thursday, May 08, 2014

What I am reading 5/8/2014

Wired - How a Radical New Teaching Method Could Unleash a Generation of Geniuses -

 Soon he stumbled on a video describing the work of Sugata Mitra, a professor of educational technology at Newcastle University in the UK. In the late 1990s and throughout the 2000s, Mitra conducted experiments in which he gave children in India access to computers. Without any instruction, they were able to teach themselves a surprising variety of things, from DNA replication to English.
Ju├írez Correa didn’t know it yet, but he had happened on an emerging educational philosophy, one that applies the logic of the digital age to the classroom. That logic is inexorable: Access to a world of infinite information has changed how we communicate, process information, and think. Decentralized systems have proven to be more productive and agile than rigid, top-down ones. Innovation, creativity, and independent thinking are increasingly crucial to the global economy.

Annnnnnd... I am calling BS on this.  I just don't believe that simply plopping a kid in front of the computer is going to spawn creativity and genius.

Gizmodo - Why the Military Should Share Its Information

McChrystal started fighting al Qaeda in 2003, and he considered his secret information to be the lifeblood of his operations. But, over time, things changed—and he realised that keeping important information classified was actually misguided and counterproductive. 
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