Sunday, May 18, 2014

More Linux Mint 17

Decided to go ahead and install it.  What a fiasco, but it was my fault so no one to blame but myself.

I occasionally have to install Ubuntu on Windows 7 machines at work and the procedure I use is

1.  Resize the windows partition
2.  Boot to the live cd
3.  Start the install.
4.  Use the partition editor to partition the free space I created in item 1.  I create a boot partition (/boot), root (/), swap and home partitions.
5.  Point the installer at the /boot partition so that grub will be installed there instead of overwriting the mbr on the windows partition.
6.  Complete the install.
7.  Boot into windows and point the bcdedit file to the boot partition.

Well I forgot step 5 which meant when I rebooted I ended up in the grub bootloader, which I despise, and booted into Linux Mint by default.  No biggie I think to myself I will  boot back into the installer delete the linux partition and then use EasyBCDedit to fix the MBR.  Oops, Went about that backwards.  What I should have done was fix the MBR then deleted the partition from inside Windows.  My way ended up with the grub bootloader wiped out and no way to boot because you can't boot to windows from the grub rescue prompt.  I ended up having to boot to the Windows CD.  Get in the command line and use the bootrec command to fix it.  Then back into windows to completely wipe the partition and back to the Linux Live CD to repartition and re install.   Fortunately this time I remembered to point to the /boot partition.  Have I mentioned lately I fucking despise Linux.  OK I don't despise it actually but Jesus it's a pain in the ass sometimes. At least this time the wireless works unlike the last time I installed Ubuntu.
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