Saturday, May 17, 2014

On Linux Mint 17

Earlier today  was pimping Linux Mint 17.  I have been meaning to put a Linux partition on my laptop so I figured "OK, why not?"  Well scratch that idea I go to download the release candidate and guess what I find - 

There are a few known issues including lack of support for Optimus graphics switching for systems that have NVIDIA graphics cards and the login screen freezes if you try to use German as your default language. Hopefully at least the latter issue will be addressed by the time Linux Mint 17 is officially released.

Guess who's laptop uses an NVidia chipset with Optimus video switching.  Yep - so look like I am waiting for the actual release.  

"Everyone thank Chris for getting our hopes up unnecessarily" - "Thanks Chris"

OK that last part was just a joke, but whenever possible "Married with Children" references should be worked into blog posts (for truly Al Bundy was a prophet for our times)..  I was, for reals, going to install it because despite what most people will tell you I do believe in keeping an open mind on this stuff ans so every once in a while I put Linux on a laptop or virtual machine and run it.  Usually I end up going back to Windows because for me the inconvenience has always outweighed what few advantages Linux has but at some point that may change.  

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