Thursday, April 03, 2014

Per Valleywag, all future tech meetups must be held in a field with no visual or auditory stimulation

I can't really explain it just read the article.

Oh My God, the horror of a bunch of people wanting to meet for a social gathering at a bar.  Look I understand that if you aren't a 20 something straight male this might not be your type of place but there are a few options here:

1.  Don't go
2.  Suggest an alternate location
3.  Organize the next meetup at someplace that you like better
4.  Organize an alternate event

Those are just the first 4 off the top of my head.  Nowhere in my list is play the victim card so that once again everyone can see how victimized I am and how horrible the tech industry is.

Two reasons for that.

First, like all these rape trigger warnings that have started appearing everywhere this isn't really about the behavior being discussed it's about control.  I get enough of that from the government thank you very much.

Second, People who complain in this manner aren't interested in fixing the actual problem, and as soon as it is they will be findind some other vestige of the patriarchy that's keeping them down.

(That isn't too say that there aren't inequality issues that need to be addressed just that I question whether the author of the article is actually interested in addressing them)
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