Friday, December 14, 2012

Stuff 12/14/2012

Slashdot - Seattle to get Gigabit Fiber to Homes and Businesses.

LA Times - "Zero Dark Thirty" Stokes Torture Debate:
 Did the torture of detainees lead the U.S. to Osama bin Laden?
Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee say no. A major new film that was researched with high-level CIAaccess, however, shows torture as yielding a big break and setting in motion the chase that ended in the terrorist's death in Pakistan last year.
Ars Technica follows up on their story about Commander X  -  How Aaron Barr Correctly Identified Commander X.

"He had my real name and didn't fucking use it!" Doyon says now with obvious glee.

Barr apparently believed Doyon's denials, because the leaked document says clearly, "Commander X is Benjamin Spock de Vries." It's hard to be sure, though. The version of Barr's notes found in his e-mail spool was an early draft; as such, later versions kept on Barr's computer might have had more accurate information. Doyon believes that Barr instead followed up on the bogus address, which just happened to be linked to de Vries, and then convinced himself of a linkage that didn't exist in reality.

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