Thursday, October 06, 2011

I am going out on a limb here

Over the past few days I have seen quite a bit of coverage of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement. In the media the coverage has ranged from mildly positive to slightly bemused. Most of it is on the order of "You're wasting your time but have fun". In the right wing blogs the vast majority of the coverage is actively hostile. An example would be the response at Ace's the other day; the conversation rapidly dropped to the level of who could be most outraged and come up with the most outrageous way of advocating killing the protesters.

I am going the opposite direction. I am actively proclaiming my support for the hippies of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Now that I have committed myself let me clarify: I don't actually support their goals or think they have much of a point, (In fact having listened to them talk I am pretty convinced that the college they are attending is most likely the Wanda Kessler School of Beauty), but that's beside the point - As misguided (or stupid) these individuals may be they have a political viewpoint and under the First Amendment the right to express it. I support that right wholeheartedly. I also support the right of the rest of us to laugh uncontrollably at their silliness. So... more power to them and if in expressing their viewpoint they manage to actually expose America to their values and ideas well good for us.
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