Saturday, April 16, 2011

Well this is disappointing–“Investigation throws 'Three Cups of Tea' author Greg Mortenson's charity work into doubt”


An investigation by "60 Minutes" to be broadcast this weekend will cite multiple sources that contend some of the most inspiring stories in Greg Mortenson's books "Three Cups of Tea" and "Stones into Schools" are not true.


I have heard this guy speak a number of times on various radio programs and CSPAN and the like and he has always come off as pretty upright; plus he is an acquaintance of  an acquaintance (I can’t remember who exactly at the moment) so I have been supportive of his efforts to improve education in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Especially since (unlike many) I think the ultimate answer to Islamic extremism is nation building and breaking the hold of the clerical class on the populace. (Well that and a sexual revolution.  If 13 to 30 year old men were getting laid they wouldn’t be strapping suicide vests to their chests.  That is a guarantee.)  So reading this I am highly disappointed.   I guess all I can do is hope that 60 Minutes has bungled the investigation, as they have been known to do pretty spectacularly in the past.  But, even if they have it still leaves a stain on the guys reputation and will impact any future efforts.

(Oh, he is also advising GEN Petraeus on how to win some hearts and minds over there so if he is a liar this really could be a life and death affair.)

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