Thursday, February 17, 2011

Unemployed need not apply

As if finding work weren't hard enough, a federal agency warns that some employers are excluding jobless workers from consideration for openings.

The practice has surfaced in electronic and print postings with language such as "unemployed applicants will not be considered" or "must be currently employed."

"Excluding unemployed workers from employment opportunities is unfair to workers, bad for the economy, and potentially violates basic civil-rights protections because of the disparate impact on older workers, workers of color, women and others," Christine Owens, executive director of the National Employment Law Project, testified.

Several examples of such help-wanted ads were offered: A Texas electronics company said online that it would "not consider/review anyone NOT currently employed regardless of the reason"; an ad for a restaurant-manager position in New Jersey said applicants must be employed; a phone manufacturer's job announcement said "No Unemployed Candidates Will Be Considered At All," according to Helen Norton, associate professor at the University of Colorado School of Law.

I personally think this is a stupid policy but businesses have a right to hire who they want.  I do see a business opportunity here.  For say $5 a month I will “hire” you as an independent contractor.  You just post the jobs you applied to that day on your page and if there are any calls we will say yes you are employed with us and give a basic job description that you can provide.  I’ll throw in the other such duties as required line and that duty would be to sit at home and apply for jobs.


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