Saturday, February 12, 2011

Some of you are literary types…

So you might like this site I found today.  Flash Fiction Offensive

If I understand the site the idea is to tell as complete a story as possible in as few words as possible.  This is from the submissions guidelines:

Okay, let me tell you about what I need:
The kind of stories you tell when you're with your pals down at the bar, knocking back your thirteenth beer. Tales about things that went wrong when Joe Asshole punched his woman a little too hard, about the stranger Crack-whore Jenny met on the streets that she wants to forget, about the time when Loser Steve should have gotten arrested but didn't.

Flash fiction, the way we like it, is a quick punch to the jaw. Give me stories under 1,000 words.

Anyway some of the stories are an interesting read.

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