Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Iron Man 2 = Homage to “Atlas Shrugged”

Is Cracked onto something here?

Atlas Shrugged:

  • A protagonist disguises himself as a worthless playboy to hide his activities.
  • A second protagonist invents a valuable commodity that the government tries to take from him.
  • The second protagonist is hauled to court to be forced to hand over his property.  He refuses and rallies the people to his cause.
  • The government is the main enemy.

Iron Man 2:

  • Tony Stark maintains an image as a worthless playboy to disguise his activities.
  • Stark invents an item that the government wants to take from him (actually more than one)
  • He is hauled before a Senate panel in an attempt to force him to hand his property over.  He refuses and rallies the people to his cause.
  • The government, thru it’s contractor, is the main enemy.


Maybe you guys have seen this theory before.  I hadn’t so I just thought I would share it.

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