Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Doesn’t everyone know the NY Times is infallible?

At the Volokh Conspiracy they are discussing the difficulty of getting a letter to the editor published if you assert the Times is wrong about something:

This revision deleted the statement that the Times was wrong in its interpretation of the views of 19 States on the issue. Pincus responded that the revision was unacceptable and suggested a slight modification to soften the sentence in question (substituting “The Times incorrectly asserts” for “The Times is just wrong”).

Pincus: “Our letter’s key point is that the editorial was wrong in what it said about the cases. I’m happy to think about other ways to say that — but it is the key point.” Too bad, said the Times: “In that case, I think you should forward the letter to Carla Robbins, the deputy editorial page editor, for possible correction. We won’t be able to consider it as a letter.” And that was that.

No wonder the Times and Charles Johnson are BFFs.  I’m actually a little surprised that the Times didn’t declare Pincus a non-person and scrub all references ‘ala Little Green Footballs.

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