Friday, February 11, 2011

Dear Fox News: More Red Eye less Hannity repeats

Dear Fox News:

I have been a loyal viewer for 10 plus years, but recently you have begun to piss me off with your constant pre-empting of Red Eye for “Breaking News” that broke 12 hours ago.  I am up at midnight and watch Fox at that time for a reason, and it’s not endless repeats of something that happened at noon – It’s too watch Red Eye’s original programming.

I have lived with Hannity and Beck lo these many years, I even put up with Gretchen Carlson, but this is a bridge to far.  You are jeopardizing my viewership by consistently interrupting the best show on your network (followed closely by Special Report just to give credit where it’s deserved). 

If you absolutely have to run a repeat because the news is of such earthshattering importance at least have the good taste to have it be repeats that include Megyn Kelly, Julie Banderas, Juliet Huddy, or Patty Ann Brown.

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