Sunday, April 05, 2009

Well at least I am not the only one...

feeling a lack of link love.
Update: Yay! Got a link from The Other McCain. Based on my highly scientific survey of one link it appears pity is the way to go. Actually in his updates RSM makes a couple good points.

1. The dextrosphere doesn't cooperate well.
2. The value is in aggregation not punditry. RSM points to Instapundit as an excellent example. Doubleplusundead also proved this when he was doing his daily moronsphere round up. This is something to think about.
3. Reciprocal links are our friends. I actually try to practice this one and have recently started using technorati and labels again as well as getting twitterfeed working again. Unfortunately most people don't practice trackbacks anymore.

I send out quite a few emails to various blogs linking stories that I think are interesting or important, and rarely get a response, much less a link. Maybe I go about it the wrong way. I always include a link to the original story and I never ask for a linkback. I have to admit it gets frustrating sometimes, but then again if I was blogging for recognition rather than sheer desire to spout off I would have given up a long time ago.

Oh and to be fair Ace has linked me quite a few times as has Doubleplusundead. I have also gotten the occasional mention at places like Flopping Aces. I'm just not on the A-list of blogs to be linked to and so links are few and far between. (the funny thing is that the same writing over at Independent Sources has been picked up by the Wall Street Journal a coupe of times, CBS a couple of times, Fox, and NBC)

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