Friday, April 10, 2009

Best Wikipedia Entry Evah!

As the site which brought you the world's best craigslist ad I feel my journalistic (hah!) integrity (by the way - Yes, that is an oxymoron. we all know journalists have all the integrity of a crack-whore left alone with a bag full of rock. With the exception of Patti Ann Brown, Megyn Kelly, and Julie Banderas who get the smokin' hot waiver), requires me to search out similar examples in other forums. Today I bring you the best wikipedia entry ever:

...Adherents to the site subscribe to the so-called "Ace of Spades Lifestyle", which seems to be little more than liquor, beating off, euphamistically named sex acts (such as the Dirty Sanchez and the Portuguese Breakfast), beating off, mild domestic violence, beating off, Cheetos, beating off, chick-on-chick "art films," beating off, and beating off. They are also known as the "Limp Orange Dick Society" (when they're done beating off)...

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