Saturday, April 11, 2009

Around the Moronosphere in 60 minutes (ok 74 minutes) 4/11/09

Locusts and Honey - Love letter from a statistician

The Other McCain - Leisure and Marxism - The link back roundup is pretty good too, lots of blogs there I had never heard of and will be exploring this weekend. Plus I got a link woo hoo!

This Ain't Hell - Advice to the Marine PFC fighting to wear his uniform to High School Graduation - I agree with the advice. I also agree with one of the commenters who said just wear Charlies (I think they are still authorized) under the cap and gown.

Other Stuff:

Popular Mechanics - Debunking FEMA Camp Myths

BBC - 10 Thing we didn't know last week - Amaze your family impress your friends.

CNN - Fareed Zakaria: Pentagon's new plan is revolutionary. - If by revolutionary you mean as fucked up as the Clinton Era plan the slashed combat forces by a third and moved an extraordinary number of combat support positions to civilian contractors (KBR) than I would agree. If you mean better and more effecient as well as making America safer then not so much.

A NY Times twofer - Administration to Appeal Detainee Ruling - The Obama administration said Friday that it would appeal a district court ruling that granted some military prisoners in Afghanistan the right to file lawsuits seeking their release.

Obama, Who Vowed Rapid Action on Climate Change, Turns More Cautious
- Has the administration scaled back its global-warming goals, at least for this year, or is it engaged in sophisticated misdirection? Maybe some of both.

Wired - 7 Crazy Civilian Uses For Nuclear Bombs - I keep telling people i should be allowed to have a nuke in my apartment but no one listens. This will give the argument a little more credence.

Took a little longer than 60 minutes today. I kept getting distracted by some hot asian chick on TV.
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