Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Around the moronosphere in 60 minutes 4/7/09

Bring the Heat, Bring the Stupid - A photo tribute to Kylie Minogue

Innocent Bystanders - Foot blogging? Really we have to resort to foot blogging?

Brea canyon - Dressed for Success - I've never had to go to court as a defendant, but I've always heard that it's very important to make sure to dress appropriately

This ain't Hell - But he's history's greatest monster

Other Stuff

BBC - This has absolutely no potential for abuse - Do you know how many potential man hours will be lost? This will not help us recover from the recession.

Christian Amanpour leaves lipstick marks on Obama's ass
- Such has been the success of President Obama's first overseas visit that some observers are even suggesting North Korea's weekend rocket launch was not the dreaded "3 a.m. moment," but a golden opportunity for the U.S. president.

NY Times - Thank god those science twisting morons are no longer in power. Oh wait they are. - And why bother with a control group when you already know the experiment’s outcome? ... But that prediction is based on an estimate based on extrapolations based on assumptions that have yet to be demonstrated despite a half-century of efforts.

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