Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Around the moronosphere in 60 minutes 4/28/09

Sorry about missing yesterday. Sometimes life just interferes.

Uneasy Silence - Hello Kitty Beer? - Beacuse nothing says I am quenching a mansized thirst like a pink box and a cute little catoon kitty cat with a pink bow.

Betsy - Unreliable models for projecting the green economy - Not an economist, but it's my understanding that most economic models are inherently flawed, these seem particularly so however.

Osama bin Laden Dead?
- Nice to think so but almost impossible to verify. via Just One Minute

D=S - Selwyn Duke — Ginsberg and Foreign Law and Why the Law is Foreign to Ginsberg - I didn't read the referenced article closely but I like the title so it get's included :-)

Locusts and Honey - Mapping the 7 deadly sins

Rightwing Sparkle - The Free Market Republicans and Libertarian Republicans Will Save Us

The Jawa Report - Awesome: Cleric Gives Thumbs Up to Turning Egypt Into Thailand of Middle East - How they going to deal with the pedophiles that have made up a large part of Thailand's sex tourism? Oh wait according to Islam 9 is a perfectly acceptable age for marriage.

The Other McCain - A perfect storm of idiocy - "That's what the New York Daily News is calling the Obama administration's stunt Monday, having Air Force One and an F-16 fighter buzz Manhattan for a photo op that terrified New Yorkers (...) Sources said the chief reason for the panic-inducing flight was to create souvenir pictures of Air Force One flying over the Statue of Liberty to be given out - like a presidential tie clip - to family, friends or supporters." I am partly ready to write this off as growing pains of a new administration except for the fact that it was just so stupid that it makes my head spin. What will the next photo-op be? Running the presidential rubber boat up against a destroyer parked in Yemen to, you know, just let the troops know the President cares.

Other Stuff:

Al- Jazeera - Pakistan expands assault on Taliban

BBC - Innovating a way out of recession - A green jobs propaganda piece

Yahoo - New for GOP: ResurgentRepublic - "Ed Gillespie, the former GOP chairman and counselor to President George W. Bush, and top pollster Whit Ayres on Tuesday are launching ResurgentRepublic, a group aimed at shaping the debate as the party regenerates itself for the upcoming elections." Finally. Not sure if these are the two to do it but the move is long overdue

Washington Post - Pace of falling U.S. home prices slows - NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. house prices tumbled nearly 19 percent in February but for the first time in 16 months the fall did not set a new record, suggesting the housing market might be closer to a bottom. I have to comment on this headline. It sucks!!!! Wouldn't "Rate of Decline in US Home Prices Slows" have been clearer? Jeez!

Mixx Looks to Go Beyond the News - The McLean-based news site Mixx.com is hoping to persuade consumer product developers to draw on the wisdom of the Web as it launches a service today that pairs its online community of news junkies with companies wanting to bounce ideas off a test audience. sounds like digg.com with more ads

More problems for federal prosecutors - Judge Criticizes Prosecutors in Asbestos Case - "MISSOULA, Mont., April 27 -- The federal judge in the W.R. Grace asbestos case told Justice Department prosecutors Monday that they "presented discombobulated allegations" and didn't understand the evidence. "

France 24 - US Army launches social networks offensive - Facebook execs believed to have taken refuge in caves of Tora Bora. Oh wait, it's an ad offensive. - "AFP - The US Army said on Monday it had launched a fan page on Facebook and established an office for online "social media," despite security rules that limit soldiers' access to networking sites.

Mindful of a changing media landscape, the Army said it wanted to make sure it reached a younger audience that relies heavily on "tweets" and social networking sites, spokeswoman Lindy Kyzer said."

Seattle Times - Welcome to this era when populism is popular - The last big populist movement gave us the 16th and 17th amendments, what will this one bring.

Sydney Morning Herald - Iran will respect a two-state solution - THE Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, says it will be "fine with us" if the Palestinians reach a two-state peace deal with Israel, despite his opposition to the "racist" Jewish nation. I'm not sure but I think that this would be a pretty major change of direction for Iran

NY Times - Signs G.O.P. Is Rethinking Stance on Gay Marriage - "WASHINGTON — It was only five years ago that opposition to gay marriage was so strong that Republicans explicitly turned to the issue as a way to energize conservative voters. Yet today, as the party contemplates the task of rebuilding itself, some Republicans say the issue of gay marriage may be turning into more of a hindrance than a help."

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