Sunday, April 19, 2009

Around the moronosphere in 60 minutes 4/19/09

Doubleplusundead - Deploy the Unicorns

Just One Minute - 90% of the illegal guns used in Mexican drug wars come from the US? Not quite.

Support Your Local Gunfighter - Hot Bikini Moms

The Jawa Report - Chinese spies may have put chips in US fighter planes - This appears to be based on a Times of India report which is in turn based on an unnamed US counter intelligence official's claims.

The Other McCain - Aged have a duty to die? We might as well get ready for a lot of this type of talk. It's already been pointed out that the economic stimulus package contained a provision that allows the government medical treatments and determine if they are cost effective, and lately every time there is a discussion of nationalized health care someone will mention that the majority of health care costs are incurred in the last three months of life.

Abortion rights supporters like to trot out the idea of back alley abortions to scare the masses; well mark my words if a health care program as draconian as what seems to be proposed by the Obama administration is enacted there will be a blcak market on a prohibition era level.

Other Stuff:

Slashdot - Why Republicans Won't Retake Silicon Valley - Links here and here to start the conversation.

For your listening pleasure - Fabio After Dark "About Romance" Spoken word porno music at it's finest. Thanks to Garth Sundem who mentioned this at his appearance at Third Place Books.

Al-Jazeera - Mega Droughts forecast for Africa - 3/4 of the continent is desert wouldn't it just be easier to tell us when a drought isn't forecast.

LA Times - Cleopatra and Mark Antony's tombs may have been found

NY Times Books - The End of the Trench Coat Mafia - "The broad outlines of what happened at Columbine High School in Colorado one decade ago are well known. (...) Yet what’s amazing is how much of Cullen’s book still comes as a surprise."

Washington Post - High Court Poised To Closely Weigh Civil Rights Laws

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