Thursday, April 16, 2009

around the moronosphere in 60 minutes 4/16/09

Eddiebear rants - I think you know how I feel about people who wouldn't vote for McCain to teach the GOP a lesson. Eddiebear basically echoes it here.

Just One Minute - OPEC peers into the abyss - It's hard times for Hugo Chavez, the mullahs of Iran, the Russian oil mafia and the Saudi sheiks, yet for some reason I am not feeling their pain.

V the K - One reason America is great

Demure Thoughts - Tax Day e-cards

Becky - Michelle Muccio the Rebel Economist - Why is it that all the hot female economists are the ones that are getting it right?

Right Minds - Random Thoughts - Barack Obama hasn’t been able to find a new church yet. It must be harder to find another church run by a racist lunatic than he thought.

The Jawa Report - Lawyers, is there any fantasy they can't ruin?

The Other McCain - World's Worst Reporter - maybe they wouldn't be anti-CNN if you would let them make their point without acting like they are complete joackasses. Just saying is all.

other stuff:

A rosy economic forecast for 2010

CNN - What's driving the US over the cliff

DAWN - Russia withdrawing security forces from Chechnya - I'm not sure but it seems like the Islamists won

France 24 - More on Chechnya - The leader of the Chechnyan government is described as pro-Moscow here, but the DAWN report above describes Islam as taking a more central role in his administration.

The Economist - Signs that massive stimulus package is starting to work in China - THE Chinese consider eight to be a lucky number because it sounds like the word meaning “prosperity”. And luck, combined with a massive fiscal stimulus, may yet help the government to achieve its growth target of 8% in 2009. Earlier this year, most economists thought such growth was impossible at a time of deep global recession, but some are now nudging up their forecasts.

Yahoo Entertainment - Rudy from the Cosby show grows up - obviously she was a milk drinker.

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