Saturday, May 24, 2008

Republican 2008 Congressional District Census

Got this in the mail today along with a note requesting that I donate $25, $50, $100, $250 or $500 to support the party. OK I was planning on donating anyway and I wanted a chance to have input on the platform anyway, but I want to share the questions with you guys.

Political Profile

1. Do you identify yourself as a:

a. Conservative Republican
b. Moderate Republican
c. Liberal Republican
d. Independent Voter who leans Republican

2. Do you traditionally vote in all elections

a. Yes
b. No

3. Did you cast a vote in the following elections (Yes, No or Unsure were the choices for each)

a. 2004 Presidential Contest
b. 2006 Mid-Term Election

4. What age category applies to you

a. 18-29
b. 30-44
c. 45-59
d. 60+

5. How close do you think your views are to others in your community

a. Very Close
b. Not Very Close
c. Somewhat Close
d. No Opinion

6. From what media sources do you regularly receive your political news (You can choose more than one)

b. Internet Blogs
c. Friends
d. Fox News
e. Local Newspaper
f. News Websites
h. Radio
i. Other__________
j. National Magazines
k. Candidate Websites

General Issues

1. Do you think things are generally going in the right direction in this country or do you think things have gotten off on the wrong track.

a. Right Track
b. Wrong Track
c. No opinion

2. Please indicate the top 3 issues that you believe are most important to the people in your area

a. War in Iraq
b. Energy
c. Federal Spending
d. War on Terror
e. Health Care
f. Foreign Affairs
g. Taxes
h. Economy
i. Social Security
j. Immigration
k. Environment
l. Protecting Traditional Values
m. Strong Military
n. Other__________

3. Which political party do you think is best able to handle each of the following issues (Republican, Democratic or Undecided are the choices for each)

a. War in Iraq
b. War on Terror
c. Taxes
d. Health Care
e. Federal Spending
f. Social Security
g. National Defense
h. Foreign Policy
i. Environment
j. Economy
k. Immigration
l. Energy
m. Education
n. Protecting Traditional Values

4. How much does it concern you that the Democrats will have total control of the federal government if they win the White House and keep control of Congress in 2008

a. Very much
b. Not too much
c. Not a concern
d. Undecided

Domestic Issues

1. How confident do you feel that America's economy will improve in the next six months

a. Strongly confident
b. Not too confident
c. Somewhat confident
e. Not confident at all
f. No opinion

2. Which of the following factors do you feel is most adversely effecting the economy in your area

a. Burdensome Taxes
b. Severe Government Regulation
c. Unstable Real Estate Market
d. Growth of Government Spending
e. Threat of Terrorism
f. Unpredictable Fluctuating Fuel Prices
g. Other

3. Which of the following is the single most important economic issue facing you and your family

a. Health Care Costs
b. Price of Fuel
c. Inflation / Rising Prices Overall
d. High Taxes
e. Other__________

4. Would you like Congress to pass additional tax cuts to further stimulate our nations economy

a. Yes
b. No
c. Undecided

5. Are you comfortable with our current level of government spending

a. Current spending levels are OK
b. Spending should be decreased
c. Undecided

6. Do you think all Americans should have some form of health insurance even if it requires the federal government to underwrite some of the costs

a. Yes
b. No
c. Undecided

7. How do you think Congress should best address the looming Social Security crisis

a. Raise the retirement age for today's workers
b. Eliminate the current Social Security tax cap
c. Offer younger workers the option to put part of their Social Security tax into a personal account
d. Other__________

8. Do you believe global warming is an issue that must be dealt with immediately

a. Yes
b. No
c. Undecided

9. How much of an impact is the rising cost of fule having on you and your family

a. Major Impact
b. Medium Impact
c. Minimal Impact

10. Using the number 1 thru 5 (with 1 being the highest priority) please indicate the policies you support most to address how the US should meet future energy needs

a. Increase drilling in Alaska's ANWR
b. Greater investment in Wind/Solar power
c. More funds for alternative energy research
d. Tap previously unrecoverable oil
e. Build new oil refineries in the US
f. Build new nuclear plants in the US
g. Other__________

11. Do you believe that congress must reform the current parctice of earmarking or "pork barrel spending" that adds billions of dollars to appropriations bills

a. Yes
b. No
c. Undecided

12. Do you support increased funding for securing our borders

a. Yes
b. No
c. Undecided

13. Should employers face strong fines for knowingly hiring workers who are in this country illegally

a. Yes
b. No
c. Undecided

14. Are you in favor of establishing a guest worker program that will allow people to enter the US temporarily to fill jobs that Americans do not take

a. Yes
b. No
c. Undecided

15. Do you think being strong on the issue of illegal immigration and trying to bring it under control helps or hurts the Republican Party when it comes to winning elections in your area.

a. Helps the party
b. Hurts the party
c. Undecided

16. Do you believe the Republican Party should continue to embrace social issues

a. Yes
b. No
c. Undecided

If yes please register your opinion on the following issues (1 = support, 2 = Oppose, 3= No Opinion)

a. School Prayer
b. Faith Based Initiatives
c. Ban Burning of the Flag
d. Ban All Abortions
e. Ban Human Cloning
f. Prohibit Homosexual Marriage
g. Other__________

National Defense

1. Do you support fighting the terrorists in Iraq to ensure that the War on Terror does not come to US shores

a. Yes
b. No
c. Undecided

2. As a voter where do you put the status of the War on Terror as a factor in deciding how you will vote in the 2008 elections

a. The war will be a very big factor
b. The war will be somewhat a factor
c. The war will not be a big factor
d. Don't Know

3. Which party do you think has a stronger message to take into the 2008 elections when it comes to the War on Terror

a. The Republican policy of stabilizing Iraq and handing over military duties as the Iraqi government gains strength
b. The Democrat policy of "cut and run" bringing our troops home immediately and leaving Iraq in the hands of terrorists
c. Undecided

I am just thinking that now might be a good time to contact your Representatives / Senators and let them know how you feel on each of these items.

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