Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Who says karma doesn't have a sense of humor?

When I started blogging I used to spend a ton of time and effort trying to drum up readership. I signed up for technorati, I tagged everything, I used trackbacks, I begged to be blogrolled, etc. you name it and short of posting live gay porn and videos ritual human sacrifice I probably tried it, and if I had been able to find video of ritual human sacrifices it would have been on line as soon as I could get it embedded.

Why? Who knows, although I assure you it isn't because I am a friendless loser with no social skills who lives in his parents basement with his 5 cats and his extensive collection of Star Wars action figures. I mean seriously, who owns 5 cats?

Anyway my point is I spend a ton of effort trying to get people to read my blog and nothing, today I put up a throw away post that makes me sound like a petty little dick and that's what people read. I mean I am petty but I don't want you guys to know that. I want you guys to think "Wow, that Chad what a blogstud", that's not gonna happen now damn it.

Karma sometimes you suck.

Honestly based on 3.5 years of blogging results none of you were going to think I was a "blogstud" anyway but I can dream damn it!

Update - proving that Karma really does have a sense of humor I just noticed I misspelled sense in the title. corrected now.
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